A Letter (1)

September 27, 2018
Lawang, Indonesia

Dear everyone,

I’m writing to you hoping for your happiness. May you always be healthy, no matter the condition and where life brings you. Because, I’m sure that we can past any challenge as long as we give all of our efforts.

There are something that you should know about yourself. You are amazing just the way you are. I know that you wouldn’t hear this kind of words in our everyday conversation. People love to judge somebody else, but it’s very hard for them to praise somebody’s strengths.

Have you smile today? Despite of many sadness and sorrow, there are many aspects in our life that can be the source of happiness. Not only the big ones that can be the pleasure of life, many tiny little things do change today becomes the better one. 

Still, remember that human have limits. We need the others to live our life to the fullest and share our feelings. Each of our weakness can get covered by the others’ strengths. Don’t be shy asking for help and giving help in positive occasions. 

Don’t forget to pray to Allah. Without Him, we’re nothing. The conclusion is, we’re nothing if we left Him.

That’s all. Be proud of yourself. By being you, you’re terrific! 
Stay healthy.

Anastasya Pratiwi


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