Tips: How to Optimize the Function of Your Phone

Phone is such an important thing for us. We almost can’t release it from our hands. In everytime and everywhere, we usually use it. Browse the internet, playing games, checking the social media, and many more. The bad thing about is making us forget the time. We only get tired also get addicted.

Here’s some tips for you, to make your phone more useful:

  1. You can spread many kindness and inspirations through your social media (like FB, Twitter, Instagram, all the social media you have). It could be picture, writings, quotes, GIF, or video.
  2. You can install many applications such as Al-Qur’an (if you’re Muslim), and fill your phone with applications that can help you at work. I suggest WPS Office.
  3. You can share your own ‘masterpiece’ on social media. Every one’s special, and I’m sure that you have some creativity in your head. Let the world knows that you’re truly amazing!
  4. You can use your social media to receive many positive posts and thoughts (such as motivation, religion reminder, news, knowledge, also great inspirations) by following more extraordinary accounts out there.
  5. You can take some benefits through browse the internet by searching some articles to increase your knowledge.
  6. You can erase several applications that you use rarely. It will increase more memory on your phone and you can replace it with more useful applications.

    Why don’t you try these six simple steps?

    Who knows that you will get some benefits, like me?


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